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NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1 Win/Linux

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NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1
NUMECA发布了FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1,是一个功能强大的CFD流体集成环境,致力于复杂的内部和外部流体分析。


NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1 | 5.2 Gb

NUMECA International, leading developer and provider of CFD software systems for the multi-physics design simulation and optimization of industrial products and processes, has released NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1, is powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to complex internal and external flows.

FINE/Open with OpenLabs solves any flow, from incompressible to low and high speed flows. It combines completely unstructured hexahedral grids with an efficient preconditioned compressible solver with fast agglomerated multigrid acceleration and adaptation techniques.

FINE/Open with OpenLabs allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD, with a new open approach to CFD. Complex programming tasks are avoided through the usage of an easy meta-language.

Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section 'New features' of the documentation, have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE/Open in particular:

- HEXPRESS: Cylindrical mesh at R = 0
- HEXPRESS/Hybrid: several mesh quality improvements
- HEXPRESS/Hybrid: Mesh generation (cartesian and cylindrical) with an imported initial mesh
- HEXPRESS/Hybrid: Computation of rotor/stator interface
- HEXPRESS/Hybrid: Improved mesh analysis tool
- FINE/Open: Flow solver executable selection
- FINE/Open: TurboWizard for turbocharger
- FINE/Open: Transport equation model for cavitation with thermal effects
- FINE/Open: Interfaced inert multi-species modeling
- FINE/Open: Improved S2S radiation model
- FINE/Open: Ability to generate FGM table in TabGen/Chemistry
- FINE/Open: Fluid-particle interaction: Particle deposition and buoyancy force
- FINE/Open: New DES model: IDDES
- FINE/Open: NLH compatibility with 2 equations turbulence model
- FINE/Open: Extend the compatibility of CPU Booster with other models
- CFView: TurboWizard
- CFView: Insert background picture

NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1

NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs 6.1

Product: NUMECA FINE / Open with OpenLabs

Version: 6.1
Supported Architectures: 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10 | Fedora Core 22.x / (K)Ubuntu 14.04 / CentOS 7.0.1406
Size: 5.2 Gb

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