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Common Questions:

What size of umbrella stand will fit beneath the Round 36" Dining Table?
-Asked by Michael .

The Round 36" Dining Table can accommodate umbrella stands of 15" wide. There is also a cutout on the feet for low profile stands to fit under.

How durable is the wicker used on the Kennedy Rocker?
-Asked by Ellen .

The outdoor wicker is a PE material that is stretched on an aluminum frame and it is guaranteed to last 5 years in a residential application. It is made of the same base material as Poly-Wood. The Poly material in Poly-Wood furniture is also guaranteed to last 5 years in a residential application. Fact: Much of the Poly-Wood furniture made 20 years ago is still in service today.

Can I leave the chairs out in the snow over winter or should I bring them in?
-Asked by Brian .

Yes, these chairs can be left out all winter. You may need to powerwash them in the summer to clean off any dirt or grime that has collected. All PolyWood outdoor furniture is built to be tough and durable in all weather conditions.

My husband wants adirondacks that are super comfortable - curved back, contoured seat. He likes a fan back. Which of the collections work best for us?
-Asked by Heidi .

Shell Back Adirondack Comparisons:

The Seashell Adirondack Chair (SH22) from the "Seashell collection" is the most robust, ergonomically correct, all around comfortable, makes you feel like a king, Adirondack Chair. It features a generous 22" wide contoured seat and curved back with 5 1/4" wide paddle arms. The frame is designed with 1 1/2" thick material and weighs in at a hefty 60 lbs. The Seashell sits a little higher off of the ground than the average beach style Adirondack making it easier to get in and out of. It is available in (6) traditional colors.

The South Beach Adirondack (SBA15) is an exact replica of the Seashell Adirondacks physical dimensions. This chair sits the same way as the "Seashell". The difference is; it is made with 3/4" thick material, weighs in at 40 lbs and by that virtue is lower in cost. The South Beach Adirondack is available in all (12) colors including the popular vibrant colors.

South Beach Chair (SBD16) offers a 20" wide straight seat with a curved shell back and 3 1/2" wide arms. The material thickness is 3/4" and weighs 34 lbs. The styling is more modern with straight and simple lines and a shorter stance. This chair is our #1 selling chair by volume undoubtedly due to its versatility and availability in all (12) colors including the vibrant colors.

** Cushions are available for all of the Adirondack chairs made by Poly-Wood. The Cushions are seat only or full cushions shaped to fit the exact cut of the each chair. The cushions are made with Sunbrella material and available in a variety of colors.

How do we keep algae/mildew from showing up on the white furmiture? Is there any kind of treatment you could recommend? We have Trex "reddish" decking which shows signs of algae/mildew and every year needs to be powerwashed. I wonder if this white polylumber will have the same issue and if maybe there is a preventative treatment...
-Asked by Ellen .

Poly-Wood is 100% resin and therefore does not absorb water that would support mildew growth. Poly-Wood does not actually contain any wood fiber like the Trex product. It is the wood fiber that absorbs moisture and usually causes the most problems. Power washing or using a cleaner with an anti microbial additive would be the best solution.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship orders to Canada. Please give us a call to get a quote on freight charges.

Is PolyWood furniture really 100% recycled?

Yes. All of our chairs, tables, benches, lounges, etc... are made from 100% recycled materials. The material is made from recycled milk jugs that are extruded into the plastic lumber used to manufacture PolyWood products.

How hot do the different colors get in direct sunlight?

The black furniture in full sun will get very hot and we recommend using a cushion or beach towel with it. The white and sand furniture do not get hot at all in direct sun. The vibrant colors will get warm but not as hot as the black furniture. We have tested the heat absorption and black is similar to green. On a 70 degree day we were picking up an additional 30 degrees in direct sunlight for the black furniture.

How much weight can the PolyWood benches and chairs support?

All PolyWood chairs have undergone testing to a maximum load of 250 lbs. Benches, and other mutiple seating PolyWood products support up to 500 lbs.