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Oxford Garden

Since 1997, Oxford Garden has specialized in Shorea wood furniture. Oxford Garden's approach to designing patio furniture has taken a unique contemporary direction while the new designs are founded on classic style.

Ample Wood Usage
Oxford Garden starts with the best Shorea wood, but they don't stop there. They cut our slats and assembly pieces thicker and wider than competitors. This generous use of Shorea hardwood results in a finished product with uncommon strength and durability.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship
Intended for everyday, rough-and-tumble, outdoor use, and it's built to last. Cross-doweled mortise and tenon joinery ensure longevity, so each piece will stand ready for use. Stainless steel hardware and solid wood dowels ensure secure unions, while structural wood supports provide stable reinforcement.

Product Dry-fitting
Before any product is shipped, it is assembled to ensure that it assembles seamlessly. You can rest assured you'll receive a genuine Oxford Garden piece with a precise fit and unrivaled stability.

Affordable Luxury
Shorea wood is heavier, denser, and harder than teak wood, and its higher abundance and availability make it significantly less expensive. Like teak, it possesses a tight wood grain and high oil content for excellent resistance to decay and infestation.